Gifted Presentations, Professional Development & TeachingI develop and deliver presentations, salons, workshops, professional development events and educational curriculum and coursework. I can provide these gifted, parenting, and education sessions privately for both small and large groups and in various formats, such as:

– a parent “salon” at your home
– a coffee talk at your school
– at larger gifted or education conference event
– at gifted or professional education development events

These sessions can take place at a school, within a school district facility or at a workplace, and any topic can be modified to specifically discuss profound giftedness or twice exceptionality. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss your project needs and my availability.

The following list is merely a sample of what I offer:

Supporting Gifted Teens: During this time of gifted human development, life challenges frequently come to an apex. How the tension of being a gifted teen is honored and resolved is critical. This session helps parents understand how to support their gifted teen as they begin to forge a meaningful, individuated life path.

Parenting the Young Gifted Child: This offering supports parents of young gifted children seeking understanding, ideas and resources on how to best parent their gifted child in their early years and beyond.

Teaching the Young Gifted Child: In my experience, young gifted children are misunderstood more often than any other age group of gifted people. Their natural tendencies often conflict with early childhood and primary educational practices, thereby frustrating educators, families, and of course the children themselves, sometimes setting the stage for a lifetime of marginalization. This presentation highlights gifted basics, classroom strategies and practices designed to support young gifted children, their families and educators.

Dabrowski 101: Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Integration is a fascinating but much misunderstood and misapplied theory of personality development, especially within the gifted community. This session goes beyond overexcitabilities and works to stay true to the core of Dabrowski’s theory.

Gifted Empath Nature: Gifted people typically possess acute sensitivity and perceptivity, allowing them access—desired or not—to the feelings and experiences of others. This session is designed to assist gifted empath children, teens, adults, educators and parents to better understand and support themselves and others.

Gifted Basics for Parents: This session is an excellent starting point for parents learning about their child’s or their own giftedness. Here I provide concrete, accurate gifted terms, support, and resources.

Gifted Basics for Educators: This comprehensive session outlines how to better understand and support gifted nature in the classroom environment. Practical gifted guidance, ideas, and gifted resources are provided.

Parenting Gifted Children: This is an advanced gifted parent offering. Parents will receive grounded guidance and support to fortify their navigation of the realities of parenting gifted children. This session is offered salon-style to allow for sharing and questions.

Giftedness and Friendship: Gifted children, gifted teens and gifted adults seek a meaningful gifted community, going beyond small talk and inauthenticity. This session covers much ground in understanding gifted nature and the psychological dynamics of relationships, and provides concrete tools to support yourself and your gifted child in establishing and maintaining meaningful friendships.

Giftedness and Existential Depression: All humans experience existential dilemmas. For gifted people this often occurs at a younger age, when it may be difficult for the gifted child or gifted teen to understand, articulate or sort out both their questions of existence and what they are experiencing. This confusion sometimes results in a higher risk of isolation and safety concerns. This program discusses this topic at length and provides parents and educators with ideas and practices to support gifted young people navigating existential crisis.

Creating Art with Children: Self-awareness and self-knowledge can be deepened for a child when a parent or educator thoughtfully approaches art-making. Here you will learn how to arrange and facilitate meaningful art experiences with children, even if you have minimal or no art experience.

Children and Grief: Children grieve—deeply. Adults are often unsure how to understand and best support a grieving child. Frequently, even the best intentions of grief support lead to increased instability or confusion for the child. This session offers guidance and concrete practices to truly honor and support children in their grief process.

Workplace Psychology for Educators and Administrators: This project has helped many educators and administrators find their way back to authentic work and healthy work relationships, even within a landscape of disorienting education mandates and policies. This session can be brought onsite or serve as a stand-alone program or an ongoing project.

Kindergarten Readiness Essentials: This program is for preschool educators and administrators wishing to develop a kindergarten readiness initiative for their students.My experience stems from ten years of creating and facilitating a readiness project at a historic Boulder preschool, which successfully supports the social and emotional needs and development of children and families during this critical transition. This project was chosen as part of Boulder Start-up Week’s Inaugural “Boulder Community Night,” celebrating innovation and impact.