Presentations, Training & TeachingWorking in collaboration, I develop and deliver presentations, training, and educational coursework for your organization. Here are some examples of my current work in this area:

Supporting Gifted Teens

Parenting the Young Gifted Child

Teaching the Young Gifted Child

Dabrowski 101

Gifted Empath Nature

Gifted 101 for Parents

Gifted 101 for Clinicians

Gifted 101 for Educators

Parenting Gifted Children

Giftedness and Friendship

Giftedness and Existential Depression

Counseling Gifted Children & Families

Creating Art with Children

Children and Grief

Children and Trauma

Successfully Bridging Your Child to College

Social and Emotional Practices in Educational Settings

Educator Self Awareness and Care

Leadership and Organizational Development

Employee Communication

Interviewing and Hiring Practices