Organizational & Leadership Development ConsultationI provide private and meaningful leadership and organizational development consultation services within educational, non-profit, retail, hospitality, creative and entrepreneurial environments.

I am primarily asked to assist bright dynamic organizations wishing to up-level their organizational awareness, practices and capacity after experiencing reoccurring staff or personnel concerns. Getting to the root of these issues is second nature for me, and after careful analysis I offer both potential resolutions and leadership and organizational development to help you better understand and then change any unhelpful organizational patterns or legacies.

For this work I draw on my psychology, systems and human resources expertise. Prior to my private practice as a counselor, I directed human resources operations for a top creative design firm, provided production and personnel management for an innovative creative firm and worked within operations for three other iconic entrepreneurial organizations.

Earning my undergraduate training from a college with a rigorous block-plan design (in which a semester’s work was studied intensively within a one-month window) further fostered my nature as a facilitator and bolstered my capacity to precisely and quickly cut through complicated workplace distress.

If your organization is immobilized or recovering from organizational problems, I will help you identify and untangle from human and systems vulnerabilities and unhealthy workplace patterns. Once those are made clear, I will guide your organization in clarifying the next steps needed to prevent problematic patterns from reemerging.

Please contact me to arrange a time to discuss your needs and my services.