Kindergarten Readiness Essentials, Learn to construct a meaningful kindergarten readiness initiative within your ECE program for students and families headed to kindergarten.  Based on a project that has been created and fine-tuned over the last ten years, successfully supporting the social emotional needs and development of children in this critical transition. We are ready to share what we have created with you.  Contact Catherine for information and registration.

Kindergarten Readiness Advanced Training, A series of three Saturdays: Boulder, Colorado. Continue your program development with on-going group learning and expert coaching as you launch a social emotional kindergarten readiness initiative at your ECE program. Each meeting will introduce a related kindergarten readiness topic and there will be time for participants to share and gain facilitation skills and support. Prerequisite: Kindergarten Readiness Essentials.


The Shadow and Light of Being Gifted: An Event for Parents and Caregivers of Gifted Children, presented by invitation, Jefferson County Public Schools, October 2021.

Inner Crucible: Truth Telling and the Gifted Child, presented by invitation, The Institute for Educational Advancement, September 2021.

The Natural Order Of Chaos: Finding the Balance Within the Conflicting Needs and Personalities of Your Gifted Family Members, presented by invitation, Conversations With CAGT, Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented, June 2021.

Profoundly Gifted Retreat, invited featured speaker and special populations discussion group facilitator, Summer 2021 (Also 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017–including Colorado Springs and Breckenridge, Colorado, and Maryland PGR events).

Directors Learning Circle, by invitation, co-creation and co-facilitation of an innovative grant-funded leadership development program for a state-wide cohort of ECE directors, Summer 2021.

Gifted Girls Group, facilitation by invitation of private discussion circle of friends (and their parents) transitioning from middle school to high school, Boulder, Colorado, Summer 2021.

Inner Elements: A Self-Care Event for Parents of Gifted Children,  presented by invitation, Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented, Boulder, Colorado, December 2020.

Making Connections for a Healthy Program, 2019-2020 Quality Nights With the Early Childhood Council of Boulder County, co-presenter by invitation, focus: provider emotional well-being, video-conference, April 2020.

Supporting Gifted Children in Early Childhood Settings, presented to ECE educators and administrators by invitation and collaboration between Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented and Early Childhood Council of Boulder County, November 2019.

Supporting Young Gifted Children: A Discussion Circle for Parents of Children Ages 0-5, collaboration between Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented and Early Childhood Council of Boulder County, November 2019.

Understanding the Complexities of Gifted Friendship: An Evening for Parents of Gifted Children, Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented Event, Boulder Country Day School, September 2018.

Weaving Social Emotional Curriculum into Classroom Practices, by invitation, Boulder County HeadStart Staff and Leadership, Longmont, Colorado, August 2018.

Psychologically Healthy Environments, Educators and Children, by invitation, Boulder Valley School District, Community Schools, Boulder, Colorado, August 2018.

Healthy Communication and Culture Within the ECE Environment, by invitation, Private School Event, Colorado, May 2018.

Gifted Coffee Talks, by invitation, private school events for parents of gifted children, Boulder County, Colorado, April and May 2018.

ECE Psychology in the Workplace and Performance Management, by invitation, Spring Mini Conference, Week of the Young Child Kick-Off, Boulder County Child Care Assistance Program and Early Childhood Council of Boulder County, Longmont, Colorado, April 2018.

Supporting Gifted Children in Early Childhood Settings, Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented in collaboration with Early Childhood Council of Boulder County, Lafayette, Colorado, March 2018.

Gifted Parenting Lab for Parents of Gifted Children: Parent workshop designed to provide essential gifted parenting information as well as an opportunity to gain practices, strategies, consultation and support on specific parenting questions. Boulder, Colorado, Cohorts in 2016 and 2017.

Gifted Empath Awareness Lab for Parents of Gifted Children.  Gain an understanding of the acute perceptivity and sensitivity of gifted empath capacity. Better understand the paradoxical nature of this type of human giftedness. Learn strategies to better support yourself or your child as a gifted empath. Boulder, Colorado. Cohorts in 2016 and 2017.

Colorado Dabrowski Study Group Series for Parents of Gifted Children: On-going meetings to discuss Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration beyond overexcitibilities. Cohorts in 2016 and 2017.

Gifted 101 for Public and Independent School Educators, Boulder Valley School District/Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented, October 2016 and again February 2017.

Profoundly Gifted Empath Online Council Series, February and March 2016.

Directors Circle: Educational Leadership Development, by invitation, Longmont, Colorado, December 2015 and January 2016.

Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented Annual Conference, October 2015.

Private ECE Director Round Table Presentation, by invitation,Boulder, Colorado, April 2015.

Parent and Teacher Lab, Gifted Development Center, March 2015.

Sanctuary for the Gifted Empath, Menlo Park, California, January 2015.

Gifted Girls Council, Sunnyvale, California, January 2015.

Directors Learning Circle Series, by invitation, Boulder Colorado, January- November 2014.

Northern Colorado Private Salon Event for Educators, November 2014.

Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented Annual Conference, October 2014.

11th International Dabrowski Congress, Canmore, Alberta, Canada July 2014.

World Council for Gifted and Talented Children: 20th World Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, August 2013.

 Other News:I am pleased to announce beginning Autumn 2014, I will be an affiliated colleague with Gifted Development Center providing on-site counseling services one day per week.  Please contact me directly to discuss services at this Denver area location.