Educational Consulting ServicesI provide education consultation services to public and independent school communities serving gifted, twice exceptional(2e), at-risk and typical student populations. I help program staff and leadership better recognize, prevent, address and recover from internal organizational challenges and adversity.

Internal challenges in educational programs are surprisingly common, predictable and preventable. The ability to detect the true roots of internal institutional distress can be difficult, however. My educational consulting services are informed by my extensive background in human resources management, along with my expertise in education, systems and psychology. As an educational consultant I quickly get to the heart of concerns and emerge with practical ideas for effective organizational recovery and recalibration.

The schools I consult with typically report an increased sense of community and authentic student and staff engagement, healthier interpersonal and organizational relationships, higher graduation rates and a decrease in staff burnout and turnover – and have been recognized by peers, accrediting organizations and state education offices as innovators in the field.

I offer consulting services in the following specific educational areas:

  • Hiring and Human Resources
  • Healthy Organizational Environment
  • Psychology in the Educational Workplace
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Meaningful Performance Management Design
  • Stabilization Analysis and Recovery Post Disgruntled Exits
  • Social Emotional Curriculum Development
  • Professional Development Design and Facilitation