Please enjoy the following recordings of recent podcasts and presentations I have been invited to offer to organizations in support of their listener, parent, educator, and counseling communities.

Conversations with CAGT – Feeling the Pain of the World: Understanding and Supporting Gifted Empathic Nature

Positive Disintegration Podcast: Dynamisms, Personality Ideal, and Inner Work (Part Two)

Positive Disintegration Podcast: Emotional Tension, the Shadow, and Personal Growth (Part One)

Tributaries radio podcast: streaming weekly interviews with pioneering individuals, sharing healthful common sense possibilities for our person, our communities and our world.

The Natural Order of Chaos: Finding the Balance Within the Conflicting Needs and Personalities of your Gifted Family Members

Inner Crucible: Truth Telling and the Gifted Child

The Shadow and Light of Being Gifted: An Event for Parents and Caregivers of Gifted Children