New and Current Projects

Each of these projects are offered privately, and sometimes publicly, through my education consulting practice.

If you are interested in bringing one of my offerings into your organization, or designing something new for your program, contact me to discuss working together.

NEW: Reflective Supervision: I am pleased to announce beginning September 2018, I am credentialed to offer reflective supervision to ECE and ECC professionals and organizations.

NEW 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR: Social Emotional Curriculum Circles for Gifted Children and Teens ©: Structured yet fluid classroom curriculum to support meaningful social emotional understanding and development of gifted students. Designed for school district and independent school gifted programs.

Early Childhood Leadership & Director Learning Circles ©: On-going and designed to offer early childhood leaders an opportunity to learn within a community of peers. Focus areas include leadership development and business psychology.

Educator Learning Lab ©: On-going events developed for educators on a variety of topics related to psychology and education.

Boulder Kindergarten Readiness Group ©: Annual private springtime into summer program serving children in their last phase of preschool providing facilitated and supportive discussion circles to aid in the upcoming transition to kindergarten.

Gifted Girls Council & Profoundly Gifted Girls Council ©: Facilitated discussion council circles for gifted girls.

SummerLark ©: On-site school mindfulness program for gifted children and teens.