New and Current Projects

PRESENTATION: March 6, 2018. FULL-WAITLISTED. Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented in collaboration with Early Childhood Council of Boulder County present: Supporting Gifted Children in Early Childhood Settings, an event for early childhood educators.

NEW PRESENTATION: March 13, 2018. Parenting the Young Gifted Child, A Parent Education Night. Flagstaff Academy, Longmont, Colorado. Registration is open on Eventbrite.

NEW SESSION: March 22, 2018! Gifted Parenting Lab for Parents of Gifted Children: Parent workshop designed to provide essential gifted parenting information as well as an opportunity to gain practices, strategies, consultation and support on specific parenting questions. Registration opens February 2018. Call for information and to register.

NEW SESSION: April 5, 2018! Gifted Empath Awareness Lab for Parents of Gifted Children.  Gain an understanding of the acute perceptivity and sensitivity of gifted empath capacity. Better understand the paradoxical nature of this type of human giftedness. Learn strategies to better support yourself or your child as a gifted empath. Registration for new session opens February 2018. Call for information and to register.

NEW SERIES: Gifted Women’s Council. Four Wednesdays: March 7, 14, 21 & April 4. A series designed to build community for gifted women. Join us to explore, celebrate and lament topics related to being a gifted woman.

Check back for next Colorado Dabrowski Study Group Series for Parents of Gifted Children: On-going meetings to discuss Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration beyond overexcitibilities.

Check back for next Gifted Girls Council:  On-going discussion councils for gifted girls ages nine to twelve.

Early Childhood Leadership: Directors Learning Circles:  On-going circles designed to offer early childhood leaders an opportunity to learn within a community of peers. Focus areas include leadership development and business psychology.

Kindergarten Readiness Groups:  Annual springtime into summer program serving children in their last phase of preschool providing facilitated and supportive discussion circles to aid in the upcoming transition to kindergarten.

Gifted Empath Lab:  On-going events for parents and youth exploring the way of the highly sensitive and empathic individual.

Educator Learning Lab: On-going events developed for educators on a variety of topics related to psychology and education.

SummerLark: Four-week summertime program for gifted children ages 9-12 with a focus on mindfulness and self-awareness within a creative lab community of peers.  Boulder and Gifted Development Center sessions.