Private Art WorkshopsLumineux’s Kinship Art Workshop was founded to provide families, organizations, and therapeutic populations the opportunity to facilitate dialogue through artistic and creative means with the aim of exploring and defining what otherwise might be difficult to express with words alone.

Collaboration with Kinship Art Workshop will help your organization or family define your objectives through an experiential art intervention designed for you. Here are examples of past Kinship Art Workshop offerings:

…an outdoor group-art workshop in which parents and children are given new ways of seeing themselves and each other in order to deepen family harmony and parent skillfulness.

…a couple’s cancer workshop designed to facilitate conversation between partners, addressing the feelings, needs, and grief underlying this family crisis.

…a self-care circle for early childhood home-care providers interested in refreshing their connection to a sense of work that is meaningful.

…a divided group of health and human services staff learning how to bridge their differences, and to support themselves, one another, and their mission.

…a group of volunteer elders learning to better honor and bring forward their lifetimes of experience and service.

…a group of newly matched at-risk children and their adult mentors learning about boundaries, healthy communication, relationships, and one another through shared art-making and discussion.

We can come together at your home, workplace or off-site to create a lively and productive ‘studio’ environment—your engagement is all that is required. My fee includes all materials and necessary studio garb and equipment. No prior art-making experience necessary.